Board of directors

The board of directors of Tamweel is composed by:
    • Eng. Samih Sawiris as chairman,
    • Dr. Ahmed Fouad Zahran as managing director and CEO,
    • Dr. Gerhard Nisselein (CEO, ORASCOM Development Holding, Switzerland) as Board member,
    • Mr. Ali Elhitamy (CEO, Orascom Hotels and Development) as Board member,
    • Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Waguih el Shamy (executive from OHD) as Board member,
    • Mr. Ihab Kamel Iskander (executive from OHD) as Board member,
    • Mr. Nicholas Cournoyer (Managing Director of Montpelier, UK) as board member,
    • Dr. Iskander Adel Tooma (executive from OHD) as Board member.