Why Tamweel Leasing Finance ?

   Leasing finance is a very attractive business worldwide. It helps companies to keep a good cash flow that ensures liquidity. In Egypt, it is becoming a developing business as it attracts a broad sector of lessee.

   The leasing law in Egypt was introduced in 1995 and governed by law 95 for 1995, which was amended by law 16 for 2001.

   Leasing is a process by which a company can obtain the use of a certain fixed assets for which it must pay a series of contractual, periodic, tax deductible payments. Finance leasing of equipment, machinery, IT, cars, and real estate. For businesses, leasing property may have significant financial benefits as leasing is less capital-intensive than purchasing.

   Tamweel leasing Finance was established in May 2009. Tamweel Leasing Finance provides a good service to its promising clients a sustainable medium to long term commitment to ensure that the process of leasing is done smoothly. Tamweel Leasing Finance helps companies by adopting a package customized to provide their service to suit their clients’ financial needs and tailored to their budgets. The leasing operation is processed as the lessor rents the property to the lessee during a certain period of time, after the timeline agreed on by both sides, the asset is returned to the lessee.