Low income housing

    you can own the house which desire with a monthly installment begins with 160 LE for the single and married clients and we tailor the mortgage loan according to your needs and here are some of the benefits:
   • Tamweel offers Finance for individuals starting from the age of 21 up to the age of 65 by the end of the financing period.
   • Tamweel Finances up to 90% of the property value.
   • Tamweel Finances period up to 15 years for salaried and self employed.
   • Our instalments should not exceed 25%of the investor’s monthly income for low income housing, instalments could be increased annually up to 7%. Moreover, the investor could pay early settlements either quarterly, semi annually or annually, which is beneficial for the investor in decreasing the mortgage finance period and interest paid.

Required documents from employed investors:
   • Copy of national ID.
   • HR letter from employer and any additional income.

Required documents from self employed investors:
   • Copy of national I.D.
   • Valid taxation card.
   • Copy of recent commercial registration and the license activity for the liberal professions.
   • Last balance sheet and financial statement.
   OR  An Income letter from legal accountant clarifing the monthly/yearly income of the Client.
   OR  Tax returns.
   OR  Bank statement for the last 6 months ( personal or company account ).