Contact Center services

   Tahseel Teleservices offers a variety of value added services to our clients to help them in attracting customers (Tele-marketing), acquiring customers (Tele-sales) and maintaining customer’s satisfaction (Tele-Support), which mainly are:

I - Prospecting:
  Prospecting helps business to effectively and efficiently identify target, potential customers, giving your company an edge in guaranteeing better sales and return on investment. Prospecting includes:
   • General Information.
   • Product Information.
   • Advertisement response.
   • Campaign Management.
   • Database Building, validation and profiling.
   • Events Traffic generation.
   • Tele-Research.

II - Customer Acquisition:
  Customer acquisition allows you to efficiently acquire customers and fulfill customer sales orders and boost your revenue. Customer acquisition includes:
   • Response to sales advertisement.
   • Tele-sales.
   • Lead Generation.
   • Order Management.
   • Field visit scheduling.

III - Customer Value Growth:
  Customer value growth is more of enriching the customer / product mix, increasing the revenue per customer, and maintaining customer life cycle and:
   • Cross-selling.
   • Up-selling.
   • Anti-attrition calls.
   • Distribution channel follow-up.
   • Customer Satisfaction surveys.

IV - Customer Care:
  Customer care allows you to maximize the lifetime value of each and every one of your customers by providing superior post-sales service 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Customer care includes:
   • Welcome calls.
   • First line Tele-support.
   • Second line Tele-support.
   • Complaints handling.
   • Debt collection.