About Tahseel

Tahseel Teleservices was established in the year 2010 as a new member of Tamweel financial services to provide outsourced contact center & collection service to clients in Egypt. it’s the contact center arm of the group as well as other clients.


Why Tahseel ?

To survive in this difficult economy, businesses must deliver an above-average customer experience in order to retain existing customers as well as acquire new ones. All businesses must put even greater focus on the quality of service delivered through their call centers, in this challenging environment you need partners like Tahseel.


Our Vision

To be the Pioneer in Collection and Call Center provider in Egypt .


Our Mission


Tahseel mission is to become a highly competitive company of integrated Call center & Collection services, locally and internationally, satisfying the needs of clients seeking international standards and commitment to time and quality.


Tahseel aims at creating an organization with culture that cares for the employees, promotes their performance and makes them feel different and proud.


Tahseel will maximize returned to shareholders while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

Collection services

Collection services

Tahseel provides a debt collection services with a full fledge of collection process from fair and soft collection till litigation. We recover the amounts on past due accounts from all types of consumer receivables for our multi-industry customers so they may realize the maximum value of their debt portfolio accounts.



We have a professional and competent staff, Our client servicing department is dedicated to reviewing your accounts, responding to your questions and assisting your own internal collection staff. A report of all your accounts can be generated, reviewed and delivered to you on a regular basis so that you are kept current on our activity and recovery.

Call Center:

Customer care allows you to maximize the lifetime value of each and every one of your customers by providing superior post-sales service 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Customer care includes:

  • Welcome calls.
  • First line Tele-support.
  • Second line Tele-support.
  • Complaints handling.
  • Debt collection.


Upon assignment for collection the 1st notice, “Notice of Default,” is sent to the consumer. The account is then referred to a collector who will make follow-up calls. Field visitation is a very important role in the collection cycle and Tahseel provides an adequate level of control on this process to ensure effectiveness and quality as its executed by an external partner.

Our collection units include collectors that are trained in the latest and most innovative collection and skip tracing techniques. All accounts are personally handled by phone contacts and mail via computer programming, which recycles the accounts every ten days for collection review or as designated by follow-up methods for scheduled payments. Accounts are reviewed for legal activity when other collection efforts have been exhausted.


Call Center:


I - Prospecting: Prospecting helps business to effectively and efficiently identify target, potential customers, giving your company an edge in guaranteeing better sales and return on investment. Prospecting includes:

  • General Information.
  • Product Information.
  • Advertisement response.
  • Campaign Management.
  • Database Building, validation and profiling.
  • Events Traffic generation.
  • Tele-Research.

II - Customer Acquisition:  Customer acquisition allows you to efficiently acquire customers and fulfill customer sales orders and boost your revenue. Customer acquisition includes:

  • Response to sales advertisement.
  • Tele-sales.
  • Lead Generation.
  • Order Management.
  • Field visit scheduling.

III - Customer Value Growth: Customer value growth is more of enriching the customer / product mix, increasing the revenue per customer, and maintaining customer life cycle and:

  • Cross-selling.
  • Up-selling.
  • Anti-attrition calls.
  • Distribution channel follow-up.
  • Customer Satisfaction surveys.

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