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Why Tamweel Mortgage Finance?

Mortgage finance is becoming a major attraction in Egypt and in the Middle East in general. No one can easily own his dream home whether by purchasing or constructing and finishing. At Tamweel Mortgage Finance, this dream will come true due our flexibility of policies and procedures.

Tamweel provides a wide range of products to suit all clients needs and tailored to each client's income. Tamweel have a repayment period up to 10 years. Moreover, Tamweel finance up to 80% of the property value. Most importantly Tamweel provides outstanding service to all our clients that Tamweel finance, whether Egyptians, foreigners, employed and self employed for Egyptians living abroad.

Our Vision

To be the largest financial  provider in Egypt .

Our Mission


Tamweel mission is to become a highly competitive company of integrated mortgage services, satisfying the needs of clients seeking international standards and commitment to time and quality.


Tamweel aims at creating an organization with culture that cares for the employees, promotes their performance and makes them feel different and proud.


Tamweel will maximize returned to shareholders while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

Mortgage Financing

Home, Office & Commercial Financing

Now you can buy the house, office or even a commercial unit you desire and we tailor the mortgage loan according to your needs and here are some of our benefits:

  • Tamweel finances up to the age of 65 years old by the end of the financing period and starting from the age of 21 years old as well as financing corporates.
  • Tamweel finances up to 80% of any property value (shops, offices and residential property).
  • Tamweel finances period up to 10 years for employed and self employed, Egyptians living abroad and foreigners.
  • Our instalments should not exceed 40%of the investors monthly income; installments could be increased annually up to 7%.

Terms and conditions of the property you desire for financing.

  • - The property should be built and ready to hand over.
  • -  The property should be registered or able to be registered.
  • - A copy of the property license and construction drawings.
  • - Property certificate (form 19).
  • - Property payment Taxes "El Awayed".

If the property you desire is located at the new urban communities than the following documents are required:

  • - A copy of the land allocation document.
  • - Document of the land handling.
  • - A copy of the property license and the construction drawings.
  • - A document from the New Urban Community confirming the full payment of the land.
  • - Letter from the New Urban Community clarifying their acceptance for the property mortgage. Or investor should be presenting a guarantee of another property, registered or able to be registered.


Terms and conditions of financing finishing and construction for the property you desire:

  1. Detailed constructional assessment presented by the authenticated appraisal registered from the contractors’ union (at least 3 years) accompanied by the following documents: a) Commercial registration. b) Taxation card. c) Classification card from the contractors’ union. d) Reference list.
  2. Consultant engineer for approving the completed deeds and present a progress report.
  3. In case of finishing, a detailed constructional assessment should be presented by the authenticated appraisal accompanied with an approved certificate from the consultant for the safety of the property.
  4. Presenting a detailed time schedule for finalizing the deeds concerning construction and finishing the property.


Required documents from employed investors:

  • - Copy of National I.D.
  • - HR letter from employer and any additional income certificates.

Required documents from Corporate & self employed investors:

  • - Copy of National I.D.
  • - Audited financial reports (last 3 years).
  • - Recent Financial statement.
  • - Copy of recent commercial registration.
  • - Copy of Company Contract.
  • - Valid taxation card.
  • - Financial statement from legal accountant clarifying the monthly/yearly income.


Required documents from Egyptians living & working abroad:

  • - Copy of National I.D.
  • - Copy of passport and valid residence or work permit.
  • - HR letter stamped from the Egyptian consulate in the country, endorsed by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Required documents from Arabs and foreigners living in Egypt:

  • - Copy of passport and valid residence.
  • - HR letter from employer or any additional income.

Required documents from Arabs living abroad:

  • - Copy of passport.
  • - HR letter stamped from the Egyptian consulate in the country, endorsed by the ministry of foreign affairs.

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