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With years of consistent growth and numerous achievements, Tamweel now
offers coherent financial solutions across different sectors, making the
financing process effortless for our shareholders.

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Tamweel Mortgage

Tamweel Finance

Tamweel Recovery and Investigation

Tamweel Insurance Brokerage

Tamweel Factoring

Auto Finance

Tamweel’s Mortgage Finance was established in 2007, offering tailored mortgage loans for the purchase, finish, and renovation of residential, commercial, and administrative units. Also offering portfolio acquisition, in addition to sale and leaseback for residential properties.

We fully accommodate our customers through various benefits of long repayment periods, financing up to 80% of the property value and offering customized service with the best mortgage rates for our client base.

Ready to start your property ownership journey?

Tamweel’s Financial Leasing started operating to 2009, to provide comprehensive leasing solutions offering value-creation to small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations in Egypt since 2009; Assets leased include commercial, administration and industrial real estate, transportation assets, machinery, heavy equipment, medical equipment, solar energy, IT systems, production lines and broadcasting; to serve various business sectors.

Unleash the growth potential of your business.

Tamweel’s Restructure, Recovery and Investmen t was established in 2009 to specialize in collection Services, offering a full-fledged collection process to clear our customers’ burdened bottom line by delinquent debt and past due receivables, to increase first-party collections and enhance customer retention. It also specializes in remedial management, restructuring of troubled companies and disposition of assets; expanding our services to also offer investigation services for new and existing clients.

Boost your company’s performance and unburden yourself with recovery and investigations.

Tamweel Insurance Brokerage was established in 2011 to provide a wide range of insurance products and risk management brokerage for individual and corporate customers; working as their private financial advisor and matching them with insurance providers that fit their unique needs and requirements. OIB connects them with the best-tailored insurance plans to cover various insurance needs such as life, non-life, medical, auto, and home insurance.

OIB works with trusted professional domestic and multinational insurance providers in Egypt that meet our values and standards, to provide our customers with the exceptional services they deserve.

Remove all your worries from any future misfortunes.

Tamweel Factoring started operating in 2012 to offer a flexible financial solution that gives you early access to your money for products and services you have already delivered. By converting receivables to cash, you get control over your cash flow, with no worries from doubtful debt and reduce the administrative burden from the collection process; to help you clear your mind and concentrate on growing your business.

Get more control over your credit-to-cash cycle.

Now you can acquire your dream car without a full-cash single lump payment; Tamweel offers tailored payment plans to match the uniqueness of each of our customer’s credit needs, with flexible terms and high-tech systems to ensure maximum optimized service; making your journey to the driver’s seat seamless.